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"John really understands the process of planning a successful meeting, particularly, when difficult issues need to be addressed. He is used to working with executives as well as volunteers with very little organizational experience. He has a talent for getting an unmanageable group to come to a decision."     Liz Heiman Zagorodney,  RJ Consulting / Kailua-Kona, HI

Project Management
"Thanks again for John’s leadership on the project.  When the two companies were asked to come together for the meeting, I was certain that nothing positive could come of it.  I was proven wrong.  Day 2 produced results and collaboration like I have never before experienced on a team. As always, John has done a first rate job."   Project Manager, General Electric / UK

Executive Teams
"As a leadership team, we are now committed to working together consistent with a new Team Charter that Barnett Consulting helped us create.   This charter will help to reinforce the values we share among the teams.  We regard this step as key to the timely and effective completion of the project in the field....Team commitment toward completing the project is now solid.  Your challenge to the team enabled us to identify and remove the barriers between us."   Project Executive, Central Engineering / US

Yarra River, Melbourne AUSResolving Conflict among Engineering Teams

"As an internal resource, I partnered with John on a major project to align two very complex and disparate teams who were facing numerous challenges. After two days, the teams were able to focus and agree on one set of team objectives, values and key priorities moving forward. John's ability to move teams to reach the end game is unquestionable and he does it in a smooth and effortless manner with the highest degree of professionalism."    Carol Gordon, Director, Carol Gordon and Associates Pty Ltd / AUS

Multi-Cultural Environments
"John possesses a high degree of social and cultural awareness along with the ability to bring teams from diverse backgrounds together in meaningful and productive ways.  I have worked with him on 3 continents and know firsthand that he excels in multicultural environments…..His interpersonal skills are extensive and his disarming smile and warmth overlay considerable strength and the ability to influence even the most jaded and cynical team members."   Project Executive, Energy Company / AUS

Healthcare and Community Development
"The Big Island is fortunate to have a consultant with John’s experience and skills readily available to organizations and businesses. I have been fortunate enough to get to work with John in recent months on the Healthcare Alliance and I clearly see the value of the many skills he brings to groups to help them become even more effective."     Sharon Vitousek MD  North Hawaii Outcomes Project / Kamauela, HI