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MakalavenaStrategic Thinking and Planning
Economic conditions, information technology and globalization are major sources of dramatic change in organizations today.   Barnett Consulting specializes in collaborating with leaders who think ahead about how their business and/or industry is changing.

We assist clients to:

  • Reevaluate their organization’s mission & purpose, product(s), and processes 
  • Identify potential risks to their business
  • Re-frame opportunities that are not immediately apparent

Our firm utilizes a change model that assists leaders in  1) aligning employees at all levels,  2) developing commitment to the proposed changes, and  3) reducing potential resistance.

Collaboration through Meaningful Conversation

One key component to our process is our ability to establish a conversation-like environment. This environment allows managers and employees to share relevant knowledge and information, offer insights through a facilitated process, and collaboratively build solutions for new strategies. 

By coaching participants to suspend criticism, they are able to hear and consider new information and perspectives on perplexing issues.   Being able to move beyond old assumptions lays the groundwork for authentic dialogue.   Repeatedly, previous clients identify our most significant contribution as:  enabling the leadership team to "think" together, to develop solutions through a real exchange of ideas, and to create a road map for setting strategic direction.

Strategic Sessions With Leadership Teams
May include the entire workforce for smaller firms

Goal:   Gain alignment and commitment by working through differing agendas and roadblocks

Process:   Work with key leaders to plan and facilitate

Outcomes:  Measurable and on target to achieve success

By products:

  1. Participants have opportunity to contribute insights and influence processes that are not afforded in daily operations
  2. Establishes/increases teamwork and camaraderie  

Implementation may include coaching team members on:
  1. How to build trust, set goals and strategies for others to follow
  2. Improving meeting process
  3. New ways to reach tough but effective decisions


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