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Small to Mid-Size Business Projects

1.  Designed meeting process and facilitated community-based organization meeting.  Conducted a Strategic Planning process that assisted in their formation as a non-profit.

2.  Assisted in planning, design and organization of Hawaii Island Healthcare Alliance.  Group of healthcare system owners collaborate on regional strategic planning and legislative issues re: healthcare services.

Change Management

3.  Conducted assessment of organization’s management processes and leadership team. Facilitated realignment of roles and responsibilities.  Modified meeting structures and decision-making processes that created greater ownership and commitment to achieve deliverables.

4.  Conducted retrospect Lessons Learned Workshop that convened managers to assess and understand causes for missed targets in an atmosphere of “no blame.” Learnings were immediately applied to other projects--acccelerating schedules and significantly reducing costs.

City of RefugeCoaching and Assessments

5.  Coached business owners / executive directors of non-profits re: one-on-one leadership issues and numerous business practices including:  supervision, security measures, ethics, conflicts of interest and employment.     

6.  Coached Sr. Executive on approach to resolve issue of impropriety of another executive.  Outcome resulted in minimizing company liability and resulted in an appropriate disposition of issue.

7.  Conducted manager and employee assessments for organizations seeking to place individuals in most appropriate positions.

Board Development

8.  Conducted board development training and consultations to assist in clarifying distinctive roles of management and board of directors.  Executive Director saw her board members mobilized to work on endowment fund.