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In this section you are able to view brief descriptions of several projects.  

Small Business - Projects for small businesses and non-profits benefited from our capacity to customize services to specific needs.   Examples are:  quick organizational assessment, evaluation of management processes, one-on-one conversations with employees, and alignment mechanisms to achieve greater ownership.

Governance - Boards and management teams are responding to today’s concern about malfeasance in governance, causing each to overstep their boundaries and producing confusion in roles.   Barnett Consulting assesses needs and conducts board development training and coaching as shown in the example.  


Telescope atop Manua KeaCapital Projects, Joint-Venture, and Global Information System - John Barnett has worked both as internal and as an external organization development consultant to very large, complex projects. For these projects, complexity was due in part to a need for owners to outsource key components for specialized capabilities and skills.   

Barnett Consulting is dedicated to understanding best practices in leadership with intent to apply these practices to client systems where most appropriate.    

John welcomes a discussion with you and others in your organization about how we might address your organization’s needs.