Blended Teams

One significant challenge of project teams is their multiethnic, multi- national composition.   Barnett Consulting has experience achieving alignment and commitment with blended teams.  We have worked in China, Japan, Argentina, Europe, Canada, US.      

Recent companies include:
KBR, Foster-Wheeler, Aker, GE, Washington Group, Aramco, ExxonMobil, Syncrude, PetroChina, and China National Petroleum.

Common Project Challenges:

  • Project scope that continues to “creep” upward 
  • Inadequate project controls that fail to track real costs
  • Low productivity among direct-hire employees
  • Subcontractors who hire sub-standard talent for the job
  • Lack of alignment among key owners and stakeholders 
  • Duplication of work, work recycle, slow approvals, etc.


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Barnett Consulting regularly becomes engaged in projects for one of 4 purposes:

  • Assist in initial planning and design of the project, i.e., objectives, schedule, planning, management of risk, change procedures....
  • Kick-off the project team when mobilizing for alignment and coordination
  • Conduct evaluation of project teams when project fails to meet its goals
  • Assist project managers with communication to key stakeholders not a part of the formal project such as regulatory bodies, government, community advoacy groups....

Communication and Coordination / the Achilles’ Heel of Capital Projects

Engineering and construction projects are by nature large and multifaceted.  These complex projects require multiple teams -- many blended from different functions and companies. Too often day-to-day urgencies prevent project leaders from establishing critical communication and coordination systems.  We will provide tools that identify gaps in coordination, assist with prioritization of issues, and propose a framework for improved integration across the overall project.  See Side Bar: Success with Blended Teams


Timing of Team Development 

Key Junctures for Team DevelopmentThe impact of team devel-opment is greater when offered at  critical junctures of the project (see graphic).   Our experience has shown that timely interventions equate with successful projects.  

Also, late in a project, team-building will help to "right a project" that has developed major problems.



See Side Bar:  Common Project Challenges

Tools and methods we utilize

  • Design and facilitation of project-wide kick-off meetings
  • Interactive planning sessions using the unified schedule as the basis
  • Role & responsibilities workshop
  • Decision analysis for complex issues
  • Leading the project team
  • Constructability workshop
  • Team assessment on key parameters
  • Relationship and trust building activities

Breaking Silos

The core issue to address in project management :  Groups and units working in isolation from each other. Barnett Consulting has the ability to span  “silos” and work toward the integration of work systems.  We are accustomed to entering projects when tension, frustration, and confused roles are widespread.   Our practical methods reestablish a healthy work environment through effective conflict resolution processes.