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Broad Organizational Experience

Having been a part of many corporate transitions John offers experience and counsel to those in organizations undergoing change.  He has led restructuring of organizations, break-through innovation strategies, cultural changes, and resolved large project misalignments. In 2000/01 John played a significant role in the Exxon and Mobil merger.  His first-hand knowledge of the realities of work processes on the inside allows him to speedily gain insight into new organizations.  He is proactive in his communication and will not flinch when he needs to deliver difficult messages.   

Coach and Counselor

John has worked in both non-clinical and clinical settings in the role of counselor.  His focus on practical matters in the work setting enables him to identify dysfunctional behavioral patterns requiring further modification and treatment.

Success as a coach is attributed to:

  1. Maximizing client learning via communication and feedback
  2. Respect for each client as a colleague in the process 
  3. Appreciation of individual differences and cultural boundaries
  4. Focus on integrity and keeping commitments

 R&D and Technology

  • Led major cultural change in the  basic research laboratory of a Fortune 500 company
  • Served as co-organizer of a NATO-sponsored conference in Budapest for 300 scientists, managers and directors
  • Consulted to China's largest oil company:  China National Petroleum Company
  • Published a study on behavioral dynamics in roles of scientists and engineers in R&D companies


John holds the Ph.D. in Human and Organization Systems, Fielding Graduate Institute, Santa Barbara, CA, as well as B.A. and  M.A. degrees. He received 7 years of post-graduate training at Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, is a member of the Organization Development Network and the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland.

He is a member of the coaching team for Global Coaching Alliance that serves Europe, Asia and the U.S. 

Lavaman TriathlonCommunity Projects on the Big Island   

John gives freely of his time to create a better environment for all. After moving to the Big Island of Hawaii in January 2006, he became a co-organizer of Hawaii Island Healthcare Alliance that addresses the local healthcare crisis.   The goal: reduce executive level fragmentation across many healthcare enterprises.  The Alliance now has >50 members and has initiated strategies for improved regional planning and execution.

Appointed by the Governor, John serves as member of the State Health Planning and Development Agency improving access to healthcare services in the state.  He has worked with HHSC Regional Boards in Oahu.  He also serves as board member of the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce   

He is an active triathlon participant, enjoys scuba diving, travel, biking, hiking and music.