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Executive Team Development / Project Management / Conflict Resolution


Context:  Multi-national capital project in design phase with multiple engineering companies.  Detailed design phase caused significant delay in construction. Issue: Project Manager’s insistence upon stoppage of all work when even minor non-compliance issues were discovered.  This hampered progress and caused further delay.

Assembling for on-site reviewStrategies of Barnett Consulting:  

  • Utilized perception activity in which each company shared views of the others work.   Assurance given that each group would receive a fair hearing.  Result was meaningful exchange of conversation between groups.
  • By end of session, both groups agreed mutually to a set of actions and each assumed a shared accountability to deliver.   


  • Use of Conflict Resolution tools significantly improved working relations between both companies
  • Productivity improved owing in part to collaborative working relations.   
  • Project accelerated as the agreed-upon action plan was implemented.