Guiding Principles of Barnett Consulting PDF Print E-mail

1.  Meaningful Conversations -- A distinguishing characteristic of Barnett Consulting
Allan Weber, former editor of HBR, attests:  “In the current business economy, conversation is undoubtedly the most important form of work.”  Barnett Consulting possesses the skill to enable work groups to remain with topics long enough to mine meaningful understanding and achieve decisions without wasting participant time.

2.  The Present Moment Trumps the Past—Gestalt    
The source of our facilitation process is Gestalt: the practice of “attending to behaviors and experiences of participants as they occur in the moment.”   We seek to focus our attention on the present: roles & responsibilities, leadership, meeting structures, and observable dynamics of group behavior rather than in-depth study of past dynamics.

3.  Complexity and adaptive organizations
Complexity science theory guides our thinking.  Gone are the days when one root cause can be isolated for action.  We help leaders view their organization’s multiple variables with all of its complexities to develop dynamic strategies for change.

Ceremonial Drums4.  Multi-Culturalism
Many workplace behaviors suggest poor attitudes, broken promises, lack of leadership skills,  and resistance.   When placed in the context of multi-culturalism, these behaviors become opportunities that strengthen work relationships and produce team effectiveness. We enable team(s) to “map” their differences, understand what could divide them, and appreciate the value that every team member brings.   
5.  Core Values
Below is a short list of the standards by which we seek to measure our professional practice:

1.  Relate with integrity, authenticity and trustworthiness
2.  Affirm each person as (s)he aspires to their full potential
3.  Regard each person in a holistic manner: mind, body and spirit 
4.  Respect the dignity, worth and fundamental rights of each individual,  
     organization, community, and society
5.  Remain flexible in a changing world
6.  Regard living as a life-long learning process

6.  Innovation asserts, “There’s a better way….”   
Innovation distinguishes growing, adaptable organizations from those organizations that have matured and may be at risk.  We assist organizations in assessing their current culture and mentor managers and executives on how to best build and support an atmosphere of innovation and future vision.

7.  Facilitation Values

  • Learning occurs best through focusing on the process rather than the content
  • Change in systems occurs only if members are involved in the process
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback is essential for learning
  • A climate of openness & trust is vital to innovative thinking / problem solving  
  • People in organizations have potential for solving their problems.  The task of Barnett Consulting is to facilitate understanding and utilization of this potential