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Board Development / Executive Coaching / Organization Change


Context:   Board of Directors and management misalignment. 
Board comprised of competent, capable individuals from the community eager to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities.  In time management began reporting less information to the Board regarding day-to-day operations, personnel issues, introductions of new products, and other issues.  Board became insistent that more information regarding daily operations was required.  

Strategies of Barnett Consulting: 
  • Conducted one-on-one conversations of board and management teams to ascertain their expectations of board and management responsibilities
  • Reduced the number of staff members expected to attend board meetings.  Attendance was limited to CEO and Sr. Vice Presidents.
  • Conducted 2 day workshop on corporate governance describing accepted practices.   Board and management participated in group exercises to evaluate their own expectations in the light of accepted practices by Institute of Corporate Governance.  

Akaka Falls

  • Board of Directors adopted a new set of responsibilities for itself that was more in line with the need of the board to work at the policy level and not become engaged in daily operations and personnel issues.  
  • Management became forthright in providing needed information to the board.  
  • Gaps in expectations continued to exist for a period of time before a more cohesive relationship between board and management developed.