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Project Management / Virtual Team Development / Executive Coaching


Context: “Virtual team” chartered to execute a new Global Information System for 35+ sites on 5 continents.     Software vendor had fallen behind schedule and did not want purchaser to know.    Parameter of work team: members worked in nearly every time zone making teleconferencing extremely difficult.      

Strategies of Barnett Consulting:  
  • Created week-by-week integrating mechanism between purchaser and vendor that required technical issues to be resolved upon discovery.  Established agreed process to monitor and report progress to both companies.   
  • Created safe environment in which issues could be explored and resolved.
  • Proposed re-instituting previous reliability and quality standards as the basis for working together.
  • Engaged senior management of the vendor in week-to-week work plans.
  • Team Building workshop that focused on:  1) bottlenecks in work processes, and 2) the social-emotional dimension of maintaining a healthy team.  

Team Building sessionResults:

  • Teams achieved alignment and developed greater understanding of the complexity of one anothers work processes; team members became more transparent as work continued toward completion.
  • Trust and mutual respect developed as project members began to accept as accurate the information being provided.
  • Project completed with a reliable product.   No litigation between companies occurred.