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Barnett Consulting assists executives and leadership teams to:
  • Gain a full understanding of the issues they face
  • Achieve alignment with one another and with the group as a whole. 

We offer a well-designed structure to enable the group to experience open communication, and develop collaborating behaviors that make tough decision-making a reality. 


Structures & Processes

Our work begins with one-on-one conversations re: each executive’s challenges and viewpoints about the team and its issues.  In collaboration with the functional leader, we design appropriate processes to support achieving the team's desired goals and objectives.

Choice points we evaluate are:

  • vision and purpose
  • organization design
  • restructuring
  • meeting structures
  • communications
  • decision-making
  • succession planning
  • governance
  • stakeholder alignment
  • clarity of roles & responsibilities
  • cross-cultural    awareness

Individual vs. Team

Executive teams are often comprised of individuals who consistently have been effective in their own functional areas.  The importance of optimizing the whole team is not often considered. This broader perspective requires trust in other members, the ability to maintain effective relationships when disagreements occur, and taking accountability for the success of the whole team.


The Pyramid Model helps to delineate the hierarchy of structures and processes:    

Executive Teams - Chart