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What you should know.…

1.  Can a consultant who does not know your business be of real assistance?   Barnett Consulting believes that no one knows your business and your employees to the extent that you do.   You know the minefields, and the most potent levers for change.   We bring knowledge and experience from many landscapes—acquiring an appreciation for what might be predictable and what might be unique to any given situation.

Hawaiian Croton2.  Our motto: Learn as you go!  While Barnett Consulting is not a training company, clients report people in their organizations  are NOW exhibiting newly adopted behaviors such as:  taking accountability, communicating in a straight-forward manner, solution building vs. complaining and blaming, flexibility of roles to ensure "getting the job done!”

3. Barnett Consulting is a consulting company that does more than ask questions.   When we enter into collaboration with your organization, we enter with a solid theoretical basis.  Our clients cite our contributions as practical and intellectually stimulating. Questions will come, not because we expect you to arrive at “the answer,” but because questions create opportunities for reflection, evaluation, and an examining of one’s own assumptions and past practices.     

4.  No project is too small and very few are too large.  Barnett Consulting is well suited for small to mid-size organizations but also has the capacity to staff larger, more complex projects.   For those larger projects, we maintain a cadre of senior professionals with whom we have worked and who are available to join the effort should additional resources be required. 

5.  The first consultation is without cost!   Barnett Consulting recognizes that our skills and knowledge may not be matched to every potential situation.   We believe this first consult is a frank, open, conversation in which each of us ask hard questions and weigh critical factors to decide whether to enter into this collaboration.  

6.  Costs are determined upfront when you agree to the project scope and the timing of our exit.  Project scope is always clearly delineated in a detailed written proposal to remove any threat of surprise down the road.