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Many agencies owe their existence to the dedication of individuals who initially served as board and staff members when their organization was a “kitchen table” enterprise.    As organizations mature, roles and responsibilities become co-mingled and confused.
Effective governance can be relatively rare. Peter Drucker (1974) claimed:  “Boards do not function.”   Drucker’s statement is extreme but does highlight a need for organizations to consider development of their boards into more effective entities. 

Boards have legal, moral and ethical responsibilities.   Answers to “What is acceptable board member behavior?” are likely to be very different even within the same board.  Let us assist your organization to arrive at a consistent view of board and staff responsibilities.

Corporate Board of Directors

  • Elected by shareholders and are the ultimate decision-making body (with the exception of those matters reserved to shareholders)
  • Selects the senior management team—charged with the conduct of the Company’s business
  • Acts as an adviser and counselor to senior management and ultimately monitors their performance

The fundamental role of corporate boards is to exercise their business judgment in what they believe to be the best interests of the Company and its shareholders. Boards rely on the honesty and integrity of the Company’s senior management and legal, accounting, financial and other experts and advisers to perform their respective responsibilities.

Need for external assistance frequently is associated with the intersection of management and board responsibilities.  An external perspective often leads to a more cooperative relationship between board and management, and improves overall performance of the company. 

Barnett Consulting performs assessments of boards and management for both non-profit and corporate organizations.   Utilizing the assessment results, we design and conduct Training and Development Workshops, Retreats and/or Facilitation of Meetings. 


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